Recycling Facilities

Recyclers play an important role in guiding the How2Recycleâ„¢ Label, ensuring that the label accurately reflects best recycling practice and optimal conditions for recovery. As a company that processes and markets recovered materials, or recycles those materials, we are interested in your experience regarding the How2Recycle Label and its underlying data. We invite you to learn more about the recycling label and how it relates to your business.

Provide Program Feedback

The How2Recycle Label is intended to help increase recycling rates, decrease contamination, minimize confusion, and provide transparency by providing consumers with clear and objective information about the general recyclability of common packaging materials. However, because recycling facilities differ in the materials that they accept, the messaging on the recycling label may not perfectly match what your facility accepts. In order to evaluate the recycling label system, we need to hear from you. Please convey your thoughts to us so we can continue to improve the program.