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Interested in using the How2Recycle™ label? Learn how to participate on our How2Join page, or contact us and we’d be happy to share more information!

What consumers are saying

Many enthusiastic survey takers have let us know how the How2Recycle Label is beneficial to them!

  • “I never clearly understood how to deal with plastic bags/wrap/film and now I do. Any company that cares to do their best for the environment matters to me, and I will support them.”
  • “Recycling is very confusing, so more specific information is always helpful!”
  • “More products should use this!! It takes away the “guessing game” of recycling.”
  • “I would love to see other brands with your label to help people properly recycle. I will definitely support stores/brands that carry your label over those that do not”

Support In-Store Recycling

The “Store Drop-off” label was created to encourage use of the widely available polyethylene bag recycling systems available in many retail locations, particularly grocery stores. Though bag and film recycling is growing, many consumers are not aware that packaging such as dry cleaning bags and paper towel wraps can be accepted into this recycling stream.

Integrating the How2Recycle Label and program messaging with store drop-off locations will ensure wider collection of plastic packaging and lower contamination through clear consumer directions.